2014 Toyota Corolla S

A new Corolla is always big news, but there appears to be even more hype around the next all-new model, due in South Africa early in 2014. Of course, the fact that the game has moved on considerably since the current car’s introduction in 2007 may have something to do with it!

Following the well-received Furia Concept (essentially a preview of the Corolla), revealed at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, Toyota has now released one teaser image on its Facebook page.

The image shows the rear quarter of the 2014 Corolla S. The angle (taken from underneath), makes it difficult to determine how closely it follows the style set by the Furia, but it certainly looks more distinctive than the current car. We previously published these leaked images but have since been told they’re not entirely accurate.

CAR magazine has already received its invitation to the Corolla reveal, scheduled to happen on June 6.

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