Mitsubishi ASX – delighful Crossover

Text by Bernard K Hellberg; pics by Quicpic

As the economy tightens its grip on our wallets, automobile manufacturers have to come up with new concepts in terms of vehicle categories. In this respect, the Mitsubishi ASX – while resembling a typical SUV – is actually, in the words of the...
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2014 Toyota Corolla S

A new Corolla is always big news, but there appears to be even more hype around the next all-new model, due in South Africa early in 2014. Of course, the fact that the game has moved on considerably since the current car’s introduction in 2007 may have something to do...
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Fiat Group Automobiles South Africa has just announced the arrival of the third-generation Panda on local soil. With Fiat’s award-winning small-car expertise some three decades in the making, this can only bode well for the newcomer. Despite its fresh face, the Panda is still unmistakable. But the extremely boxy dimension of...
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